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Pie Contest in a Box: Everything You Need to Host a Pie Contest

Pie Contest in a Box:
Everything You Need to Host a Pie Contest

By Gina Hyams
Andrews McMeel, 2011


Pie Contest in a Box is for farmers' market foodies, retro cocktail party lovers, competitive-cooking-show fans, block partiers, and just about everyone else who shares a hankering for good times and good pie. In the blue-ribbon tradition of county fairs, community cook-offs, and competitive cooking shows such as Iron Chef America, Top Chef, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Pie Contest in a Box represents a fun and inexpensive way to entertain. The kit features:

  • A Pie Contest Handbook, which orients judges to the history of pie, discusses why pie matters, outlines different categories of pie and official judging criteria, and includes prize-winning recipes
  • Pie Contest Judge Badges
  • Numbered Pie Toppers on Toothpicks
  • Pie Contest Scorecards
  • Pie Contests Prize Ribbons

Pie Contest in a Box will have guests clamoring for a slice of blueberry or strawberry rhubarb, along with their scorecard and fork.

For news about Pie Contest in a Box, please see Gina's all-pie-all-the-time website, www.pietakesthecake.com.

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